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7 Piece Bespoke Brush Set

7 Piece Bespoke Brush Set

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Our 7 piece bespoke brush set allows you to create any look you desire. A must have for any makeup lover. Watch them become the only brushes you reach for!

S01 - Ultra thin eyeliner brush used to achieve the most detailed of eye looks. 

S02 - Unique shaped brush with dense bristles and a fine detail tip which creates endless possibilities. 

S03 - Smudging brush that gives precise shade & blend control.

S04 - Soft round top pencil brush that blends effortlessly and glides along the eyes.

S05 - Classic eyeshadow brush that comes with a unique “twist”, the smooth & even bristles lay flat on your lid while the tapered top ensures controlled application.

S06 - Detailed concealer brush with dense bristles and a rounded top which glides smoothly along the skin. 

S07 - Multi-purpose fluffy blending brush that is a staple in any brush collection.


Our brushes are made from a synthetic fibre which is cruelty free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Handle - Plastic in our signature SAOI shade
Ferrule - Gold Aluminum

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maureen Considine
Superb brushes worth investing in!

As a makeup artist for over twenty years I’ve constantly struggled to find the perfect tools for makeup especially eye brushes and I’ve tried every brand under the sun. Serena is an extremely talented artist & content creator so when I heard she had developed her own line of brushes I had to try them! Wow these brushes are perfection!!! and a make-up artists dream! Serena you nailed it! Every girl who is into makeup needs these eye-makeup brushes in her life!!

Brilliant brush set!

I’m so happy with this brush set. I already had a load of ‘normal’ blending brushes, but they just couldn’t get the job done. My eyes are mature and deepest, these brushes are so good in detailed work. Placement of the shadows is everything to me, and thanks to these brushes, it is a walk in the park.
Thank you!

Hasan Singh
High Quality Brushes

Bought this set of brushes for my wife and she adores it. I don’t know much about makeup, but I know terrific quality when I see it and these brushes are built to last. Just the look, feel, and overall aesthetics of them exude quality.

Best brushes I have ever used!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about these brushes! Total game changer! The S02 brush is hands down the best liner brush on the market, I have no idea how I went so long without it. All the brushes are fantastic but S02 is a must have ! I am 52 years old and the brushes are great for eyes that have creases in them!

Bought these for my fiancée and she loves them

My missus is a long time fan of Serena’s makeup looks and I bought this set for her as a surprise. She adores it. Says she can finally do all the precise looks she wants to do and couldn’t before. They haven’t chipped or frayed or anything like that! Couldn’t recommend them enough.