Smokey Half Wing (Fox Eyes) Tutorial

Smokey Half Wing (Fox Eyes) Tutorial

Welcome to SAOI's first blog post!

I wanted to create an inspirational space on the website to inspire you on how to use your SAOI brushes, try looks you never have before and talk all things beauty. 

I've started with one of my all time favourite looks, a smokey half wing! Creating this tutorial really made me realise why I started SAOI, I wanted to create high quality detail brushes that make creating looks like these quicker, easier and more precise. 

SAOI Brushes Used -

S02, S03, S05 & S07

Pro Tips -

- Precision is key. Be very aware of where you're placing your eyeshadows, not leaving enough space between each eyeshadow can create a muddy look or applying each eyeshadow too high can leave your wing blended up to your eyebrows.

- If you have hooded or smaller eyes, continue with your S03 instead of switching to the S05 when blending out the wing.

- Pay attention to what specific side or part of the brush that I am using. Whatever part of the brush I'm using, I've only applied eyeshadow to that part. Not swirled the whole brush in eyeshadow.

I really hope you like this tutorial. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when a new tutorial goes live. There's much more to come! 

- Serena x 

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Thank you so much for making this tutorial. I am a little older than your average client but you make me want to try this look.
Thank you B


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